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Minecraft video



  • CubeWorks 10 months ago


  • Philippine Nationalist AJS 10 months ago

    That pick axe seems to work for herobrine

  • Pixel Gaming Dou 10 months ago

    Unsub till they change it back to rapadexada

  • Salsabila Yumna Paramita 10 months ago

    i realy love the shut up and mine

  • Ayesha Pinlac 10 months ago

    Herobrine wast fanny

    prove us you are RADA by making a new vid

  • This is my version of “7 years” and his old project “Gold” of my story with this cubeworks thing
    If you think it’s true plz like this comment. Also, #bringradaback Now here it goes———–
    Once I was scanning YouTube
    I found a channel
    Its name is radapexada with a cool thumbnail
    Once I was his biggest fan…
    It was a happy time,his videos amazing
    I was dreaming one day to be like him
    I listened to his songs and animation for whole day
    Once I loved his videos
    But in one morning
    I noticed he’d changed to cubeworks and the studio
    Once I first started dislike his video
    I knew of course he’s hacked
    But I still have faith in him
    So I kept subscribing and waiting for his videos
    But what he returned was some copyright songs
    Once I finally unsubscribed him
    Disliking his videos
    Hoping this hacker will bring rada back
    Once I finally hate him…….
    The end and thank you. Like this comment if you agree to #ripcubeworks and have experienced the same thing

  • brothers forever 10 months ago

    thats not how yu craft a dimond helment

  • GeeCeeZ Gamer 10 months ago

    I wonder win Herobrines life will be in one of these because it is probably the best song/parody on the channel!

  • Whitley Garrity 10 months ago

    Guys the hacker wants us to unsub and unlike so stay but hate on these kind of videos because this isn’t our Rapadexa this is a hacker who wants attention

  • Craziest Creeper 10 months ago

    You love Radaxpeda

  • Maria Contreras 10 months ago


  • Raouf Hanna 10 months ago

    rapadaxa is the best

  • Hillary Holmes 10 months ago

    Herobrine is the best !!!! :D

  • GameMaster 912 10 months ago


  • Rolan Satoc 10 months ago

    you just copy radapexada video

  • Neneth Paborada 10 months ago

    what a noob

  • PvPAssasinBoy 10 months ago

    Is Radapedaxa’s channel hacked??

  • AzureWind 26 10 months ago

    What happened to radapedaxa? Are YOU still Radapedaxa? And speak Filipino if u are Radapedaxa

  • ZappyMitts 10 months ago

    you are like the other channel who makes top5 animation but not the original… #BRINGRAINBACK!

  • Xzavian Canada 10 months ago


  • Infernus Gaming 10 months ago

    Its not radapedaxa cuz the thumbnails are not like that and he does’nt do top minecraft songs for extra views.

  • Eva Kolobaric 10 months ago

    I think ‘Take me down is the best :-)

  • NooB GaMeR 10 months ago

    RADAPEDAXA is the best CUBEWORKS lol so ugly yucks

  • prince 10 months ago

    i cant find rapadaxas channel anymore :’(

  • LP/CZ. oreo 10 months ago

    I like radapedaxa and not CubeWorks

  • Terminator Gaming 10 months ago

    isn’t never stop farming by unspeakable gaming in description

  • Terminator Gaming 10 months ago

    in gold there’s part of raiders by radapexada

  • Arif Rahman Siregar 10 months ago

    what the stack of ha! I will bring Justice to this worst name ever! bring back radapedaxa!

  • Senn maakt video`s 10 months ago


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