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Minecraft video



  • CubeWorks 1 year ago


  • Philippine Nationalist AJS 1 year ago

    That pick axe seems to work for herobrine

  • Pixel Gaming Dou 1 year ago

    Unsub till they change it back to rapadexada

  • Salsabila Yumna Paramita 1 year ago

    i realy love the shut up and mine

  • Ayesha Pinlac 1 year ago

    Herobrine wast fanny

  • Frank 1 year ago

    prove us you are RADA by making a new vid

  • Frank 1 year ago

    This is my version of “7 years” and his old project “Gold” of my story with this cubeworks thing
    If you think it’s true plz like this comment. Also, #bringradaback Now here it goes———–
    Once I was scanning YouTube
    I found a channel
    Its name is radapexada with a cool thumbnail
    Once I was his biggest fan…
    It was a happy time,his videos amazing
    I was dreaming one day to be like him
    I listened to his songs and animation for whole day
    Once I loved his videos
    But in one morning
    I noticed he’d changed to cubeworks and the studio
    Once I first started dislike his video
    I knew of course he’s hacked
    But I still have faith in him
    So I kept subscribing and waiting for his videos
    But what he returned was some copyright songs
    Once I finally unsubscribed him
    Disliking his videos
    Hoping this hacker will bring rada back
    Once I finally hate him…….
    The end and thank you. Like this comment if you agree to #ripcubeworks and have experienced the same thing

  • brothers forever 1 year ago

    thats not how yu craft a dimond helment

  • GeeCeeZ Gamer 1 year ago

    I wonder win Herobrines life will be in one of these because it is probably the best song/parody on the channel!

  • Whitley Garrity 1 year ago

    Guys the hacker wants us to unsub and unlike so stay but hate on these kind of videos because this isn’t our Rapadexa this is a hacker who wants attention

  • Craziest Creeper 1 year ago

    You love Radaxpeda

  • Maria Contreras 1 year ago


  • Raouf Hanna 1 year ago

    rapadaxa is the best

  • Hillary Holmes 1 year ago

    Herobrine is the best !!!! :D

  • GameMaster 912 1 year ago


  • Rolan Satoc 1 year ago

    you just copy radapexada video

  • Neneth Paborada 1 year ago

    what a noob

  • PvPAssasinBoy 1 year ago

    Is Radapedaxa’s channel hacked??

  • AzureWind 26 1 year ago

    What happened to radapedaxa? Are YOU still Radapedaxa? And speak Filipino if u are Radapedaxa

  • ZappyMitts 1 year ago

    you are like the other channel who makes top5 animation but not the original… #BRINGRAINBACK!

  • Xzavian Canada 1 year ago


  • Infernus Gaming 1 year ago

    Its not radapedaxa cuz the thumbnails are not like that and he does’nt do top minecraft songs for extra views.

  • Eva Kolobaric 1 year ago

    I think ‘Take me down is the best :-)

  • NooB GaMeR 1 year ago

    RADAPEDAXA is the best CUBEWORKS lol so ugly yucks

  • prince 1 year ago

    i cant find rapadaxas channel anymore :’(

  • LP/CZ. oreo 1 year ago

    I like radapedaxa and not CubeWorks

  • Terminator Gaming 1 year ago

    isn’t never stop farming by unspeakable gaming in description

  • Terminator Gaming 1 year ago

    in gold there’s part of raiders by radapexada

  • Arif Rahman Siregar 1 year ago

    what the stack of ha! I will bring Justice to this worst name ever! bring back radapedaxa!

  • Senn maakt video`s 1 year ago


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