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Top 5 Monster school Minecraft Animations created


Minecraft video



  • MrFudgeMonkeyz 1 month ago

    Hope you like this one! :) UPDATE – working on AV27 be done 3-4 weeks maybe – Also have an awesome rest of your day/night!

  • Alexis Cerreta 1 month ago

    I love your animations

  • Mr Alťa 1 month ago

    Omg xd

  • AvaFlava 1 month ago

    is some of this a coopy????. i think so is it MRFUGEMONKEYZ

  • AvaFlava 1 month ago

    i still LOVE it though

  • LanceloT 1 month ago

    These school animations remind of how school was both scary and great xD

  • Wek Studios 1 month ago

    So Funny xD, I can’t stop laughing

  • ellen112482 1 month ago

    Oh my gosh!

  • ellen112482 1 month ago

    Ug I just realized how boring my schools is.

  • Jijul Gaming 1 month ago

    Omg i cant stop laughing at the first 1

  • Elias El Beik 1 month ago


  • Amanda MacDuff 1 month ago

    These are just stupid


  • Katrina & Family Jensen 1 month ago

    That is so funny

  • Leo Frandrup 1 month ago

    Did anybody notice that herobrines face was on the cow

  • me fox 135 1 month ago


  • sharul nizam 1 month ago

    Hi Mrfudgemonkeyz, you make a cool work on this one. I know AV 27 will be released soon but I have some idea for you:
    1.Animal like cow,wolf,pig,horse/donkey and sheep have border at their eye so they can blink.
    2.Reflections on the armor.
    3.Make new music video

  • StickyPotatoes Wishali 1 month ago

    What If Fat Herobrine Entered an Eating Food Contests?…. :/

  • Dan minecraft 1 month ago

    Make annoying villagers 27

  • Pix3lMations 1 month ago

    weird…….. the door usually breks @.@

  • Habibi Abi 1 month ago


  • Mr_ Vladus1256 1 month ago

    Wtf you do it? Aaargh

  • Francis Maynard Autor 1 month ago

    im excited about AV27!!! heeheeheehee… nice animations tho..

  • Khimdal Sham Polancos 1 month ago

    Why is herobrine at the corner

  • Ian123 Gmall 1 month ago

    MRFUDGEMONKEYZ Pls work more on annoying villegers more than short clips

  • Hoai Phan 1 month ago

    Can u upload anoying village pls

  • Raadhiy Ahmad 1 month ago

    I love the song

  • Freezeny 1 month ago

    Why herobrine so fat?

  • Tutoriales Minecraft y más con Migueloelcrafter 1 month ago

    Annoying villager please

  • Акниет Кайрат 1 month ago

    Таою маить

  • Crazy Fan Art Squad 1 month ago

    like pink sheep and purple shep

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