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Minecraft video



  • Kaycee Bagtas 9 months ago

    Hi friend

  • Angie It's ok 9 months ago

    Any lady’s/girls here???

  • Contessa Mae 9 months ago

    Do you have kids merch

  • Hezekiah Aspera 9 months ago

    Ayyeeee meh boiiii has a girlfriend

  • Charlotte Gregory 9 months ago

    You should make a girl unspeakable gaming skin for
    Kayla unspeakable!!!

  • Minecraft Awesome 9 months ago

    Let Kayla Play Minecraft by herself xD

  • BreAnna Trudeau 9 months ago


  • 陳Nanakoanne 9 months ago

    You really like lavas don’t you Nathan

  • Furious Flame 9 months ago

    Hey unspeakable is your girlfriend of yours

  • Rayan The gamer 9 months ago

    Do bedwras with your girlfriend

  • Ilyas Faizi 9 months ago

    do a video where you kiss her

  • Shemeliah Antonio 9 months ago

    It’s so funny

  • Kelly Floyd 9 months ago

    Hi am koa

  • Ben Mansour Bechr 9 months ago

    LOL : V

  • Dead Night 9 months ago

    She should make a YouTube channl

  • Talib Rezai 9 months ago

    Why don t you marry her like popularmmo

  • mahi saadat 9 months ago

    make this a serice

  • mahi saadat 9 months ago

    oh sorry spelled series wrong

  • hajipasha sheikh 9 months ago

    wasd = aswd

  • lonnythe 9 months ago

    Ahhemmmmmm SHE SAID ”THIS GAME SUCKS” WELL YOU SHOULD TEACH HER MANNERS IN FROMT OF CAMERA CAUSE SOME PEOPLE LOVE MINECRAFT LIKE ME.Kayla’s a jerk (no offence to people that like her.i dont mind but this is too far)

  • Captain Creeper60 9 months ago

    More of these videos with Kayla

  • Analyssa Sanchez 9 months ago

    More videos with Kayla

  • CreeperVoidEngine 9 months ago


  • Angie Lara 9 months ago

    Can she do more Minecraft game

  • Katie Weaver 9 months ago

    You were eating cashews me to the whole video

  • mohannad ashraf 9 months ago

    she did the outro like much better than you!

  • crn TT 9 months ago

    Who would date you

  • Sangeeta Doshi Vanigota 9 months ago

    Make new viedeo and speacially download for her

  • EinCrafter MC 9 months ago


  • Criticize Gamer 9 months ago

    dude u should make a channel just for kayla, and she would play minecraft, and be a model for some of the merch. Also make sure for her to also do blogs

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