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The biggest bully on Minecraft!
In this Minecraft


Minecraft video



  • XboxAddictionz 8 months ago

    the kid has hacked this comment, only v.i.p’s in minecraft can like it

  • monty wilson 8 months ago

    Popping plebs is all we know

  • TheLonelyAidan 8 months ago

    The thin I hate most about this kid is that he thought #2 was Hashtag 2, and not realizing that ‘#’ means number

  • Axe; Reeves 8 months ago

    Give us the reveal!

  • Galaxy 8 months ago

    The kid who’s getting trolled sounds like a kid I know

  • Steven BBOX's 8 months ago

    Hey um I sent a trolling form the kid is 13 has minecraft cod 2 and 3 so yea PLZZ troll him

  • dylan zosimo 8 months ago

    11:00 My favorite part of the video

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  • Jack Packham 8 months ago

    XboxAddictionz I ment weekends

  • dylan zosimo 8 months ago

    Uhh BubbleApril! Are you imitating the bully dude?

  • dylan zosimo 8 months ago

    Xboxaddictionz why is ur gamertag enchanteddirt

  • Ben Tallman 8 months ago

    These kids are seriously messed up an

  • dingxiang chan 8 months ago

    you must tell the answer down here
    donald trump is a…..
    a. president
    b. mayor
    c. secretary
    d.I dont know what the hell is that

  • TobyThe Giraffe 8 months ago

    This kid has serious problems. He expected money for everything. I get money for 10% of work I do

  • dingxiang chan 8 months ago

    the answer is from 10 september or 11 september

  • Batgurl 2003 8 months ago

    Wanna know how to troll?

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  • Townsend Kulesz 8 months ago

    This kid is annoying

  • TobyThe Giraffe 8 months ago

    Worst jokes from the worst person

  • Carlos Esquilin 8 months ago

    Can you play with me I texted enchanted dirt plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • CrozzBonez 0 8 months ago


  • Diamond Drawings 8 months ago


  • ThePartyMan 8 months ago

    I’ve sent a troll recquest and the gamer tag is technotib

  • Minecraft Channel 8 months ago

    Monster School :
    Swimming Challenge
    Please help me up to 50! Thank you so much

  • The Life of Eli 8 months ago


  • Trashviis Nightmare 8 months ago

    I feel like you go one YouTube and look up: How to build [Spongebob character] in 15 minutes. And those were the results lmao

  • A Person 8 months ago

    Is this how people treat their elders?

  • XxNightFury73xX YouTubes 8 months ago


  • Haee NC 8 months ago

    This kid dum

  • bryn sheehan 8 months ago

    hi xboxone your my fav youtuber please make part 2

  • emailadress 8 months ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    to fuck ur grandpa

    i laughed so hard

  • best max blogs metcalfe 8 months ago

    I’m a giant fan

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