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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Today I try to get back into the swing of things. I start building my new home, and talk about why I’ve been so lax in content over the last month. ————————-…


Minecraft video


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  • Tabascopunk 4 years ago

    That’s odd about the passive mob gen?

  • Ulvra Silvershade 4 years ago

    Light level harvesting used to work, but the code was changed so that it
    doesn’t automatically work anymore. Unless they changed it again you just
    need to cause an update during the low light period, which you can do with
    a delayed redstone pulse beside just one of the crops, which you can snatch
    from the same circuit that runs the lighting. Updating one should cause it
    to read light, pop out and thus update all adjacent, causing a ripple
    effect. You just need to make sure the update arrives during the blackout.?

  • TSnowCrash 4 years ago

    I uploaded a new video from the @W92Baj Patreon Server to @YouTube.?

  • piegonMC 4 years ago

    Good to have you back :) and the slime is completely free, I added the
    Donation chest at the request of a few people who wanted to give me
    something in return for the slime but its totally optional.?