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Minecraft Survival LP – Checking out our new


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  • Kie Francis 3 months ago

    time to get a new red parrot to replace it because no one cares

  • Leveration XD 3 months ago

    That’s actually kinda nuts killing the parrots

  • Stalkeye 3 months ago

    Hey python!make a turtle habitat near your base!love ur vids.

  • Bright Alan 3 months ago

    More skyblock plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  • LuluAyar Britannia 3 months ago

    That poor poor birdy

  • NxzOr 3 months ago

    Wow i never know how to make cookie

  • Kamala Krishnan 3 months ago

    Hey python great vids and I have to say that you can craft a turtle shell and it give a bit of breathing effect…

  • DANX0 bonilla 3 months ago

    Hey phython you said your gonna make a little town in the underwater ruins make an entrance that have a magna block on it and all of the floor replace it with magma block so you can breathe and walk underwater or just cover the whole ruins with glass block and I love your vids I watched every SEASON and finish it and goodbye

  • NJ Apannah 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else hear “ore-some” when he says “awesome”

  • Samy's Arts 3 months ago

    Python, why did you stop the R.A.D. moded series without saying nothing… atleast on youtube?

  • Devlin Anderson 3 months ago

    The US has NWEA and M-STEP

  • Mr. Milk 3 months ago

    You should build glass tunnels that will eventually connect to your ocean village in the settlements.

  • Pro Gamer 3 months ago

    A tip: If you press F3 and then have a look clearly on it you will find one thing known as blocks targeting and lava is opaque you can’t see below it so if you look at that thing you will find if you are targeting towards diamond ore.

  • Olivera Kostic 3 months ago

    Will you be making a live stream?

  • Pegasus Macaron2008 3 months ago

    Python youre so lucky

  • Fortune Dizzy 3 months ago

    In the U.S. it is called finals. Crazy how you have people watching from a different country. Keep up the good work

  • Najaf Inam 3 months ago

    Python place torches on right side (while caving) and to go out follow the torches on left side

  • Cynthia Kaze 3 months ago

    The parrot Slaughter was hilarious

  • Brian Larsen 3 months ago

    Seriosuly enjoying this series mr. Python, very inspiring in terms of trying to find out where to go with my own games and your series in general has helped me loads by changing my mindset from “Oh I just gotta “play” the game til I can take down the dragon then its over and we start a fresh game..” very interesting to learn to relax with the game, thanks a lot! :)

  • sa sa 3 months ago

    IT’s still called the SATS, but it’s later

  • Chenner. — 3 months ago

    What is the seed?

  • I’ve just come across this series, and I’m enjoying it a bunch, you got yourself a sub! Keep up the good work! :D

  • Bitch U funny 3 months ago

    When you found the diamonds you sounded like Steve Irwin lmaoo

  • Dio Brando 3 months ago

    Hey you should make little houses for your parrots except the red one wonder why?

  • Louis Martinez 3 months ago

    Do python’s world and 1.14 skyblock in one day!

  • MCPE Widow_Maker1 3 months ago

    Pretty good hull on that mineshaft trip. Fun episode!

  • Natalie Lockhart 3 months ago

    When he almost died from da skeletons and creepers I want chanting EAT THE NOTCH EAT THE NOTCH he read my mind

  • Vortez :D 3 months ago

    *stal playing in the background*

  • MajorMojoBoss Fangclaw 3 months ago

    20:51 Thanks! Both Python and Commenter!

  • Cupzkaez 3 months ago

    Make an AFK fish farm and see what u get!

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