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Minecraft SECRET ROOM Boy vs Girl Challenge! with


Minecraft video



  • PrestonPlayz 1 week ago

    Subscribe to discover MORE secret rooms!

  • Lydia Brown 1 week ago

    Roses are red
    A like is blue
    Give me one and I will too

  • Grant Smith 1 week ago

    Digglet is so cute I want him because he’s awesome

  • Esmeralda Zumba 1 week ago

    I like him

  • Pervaiz Lilgar 1 week ago

    Bri just cheated and in the maps there is written no creative

  • I kill bots For fun!!! 1 week ago

    What up

  • Joanna Bednarczyk 1 week ago

    i love digglet
    how ever u spell it igk

  • lunamoon lunicrystal 1 week ago

    Brianna cheated and placed blocs down

  • Aurimas Eitutis 1 week ago

    Brianna was cheating

  • 220 gang 1 week ago

    My favorite color is red

    Btw I love tour videos and in a subscriber I liked the video and I turned on the post notifications

  • Sarah Shehab 1 week ago

    bri thats not problem solving

  • Anna Ceparano 1 week ago

    Bri cheated on the first level

  • Bailey Norton 1 week ago

    All of them Rainbow

  • Joanna Bednarczyk 1 week ago

    make a parkour hoodie each color

  • Viktoria Kos 1 week ago

    Hi diglet

  • Tugsoo Gansukh 1 week ago

    bri craetve mod cheat

  • S. P Ralte 1 week ago

    My favorite colour is red love you Preston

  • Maria Rivera 1 week ago

    Preston Briana cheded un creative modo

  • Tyler W 1 week ago

    Preston the boys versus girl challenge she cheated okay

  • Hatun Kilic 1 week ago

    I like purple

  • Riyanka Shetty 1 week ago

    Cute diglit

  • Joshua Sanchez 1 week ago

    bri cheat

  • Joshua Sanchez 1 week ago

    she go creative

  • Tia Lowe 1 week ago

    I love Green

  • Sudha Tamrakar 1 week ago

    Bri is a cheater

  • Alice's Playtime 1 week ago


  • Alex Panes 1 week ago

    Briana is always cheating

  • Klaudia Wielgorska 1 week ago


  • Antoinette Sykes 1 week ago


  • Iniya Mani 1 week ago

    Bri cheaated

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