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The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! In this


Minecraft video



  • Urjasva Singh 3 months ago

    New series?

  • Zexus Loyal 3 months ago

    why you didn’t place sponge in the nether its a new feature added into the game?

  • arran lamont 3 months ago

    How did you display the maps on the wall?

  • ki kus 3 months ago

    Urgh building again i guess i will still watch

  • 2k Game 3 months ago

    A SUGGESTION:- When you do the timelapse edit that part in 18:9

  • zsoop 3 months ago

    is it just me or was the prismarine changing color throughout the vid

  • Ephraim Gaming 3 months ago

    It’s official. Pixlriffs is in love with scaffolding.
    As for the storage, barrels exist!

  • End Inevitable 3 months ago

    Nice build

  • Abheek Kushwaha 3 months ago

    the amount of logs he has used in his world is more than the amount of planks i used!!!

  • Unik Champions 3 months ago


  • Terminated V2 3 months ago

    To get a half signal strength as compact as possible is to use the feature of comparators as they need to be.use a half filled hopper and a comparator from it facing the side of the comparator that detects the hopper minecart

  • Kryštof Hanka 3 months ago

    Hi, try creating vault of castle that can be accesed by using your one block height trick, place a trapdoor on bottom of block and make 1x1x1 free space under it, it would look great in overall

  • Superhoran21 3 months ago

    I could put coal blocks in the minecart

  • Goku Jorge 3 months ago

    Do you have a world download??

  • John Salvador 3 months ago

    Join hermitcraft pixl like if you want pxl to join the hermitcraft server

  • Ayymen Alsabahi 3 months ago

    Hello from sweden, love this series

  • Bepte S 3 months ago

    How do you have so many fireworks? Do you have some kind of creeper farm?

  • No Legit Games 3 months ago

    Minecraft is more complicate than rocket science I admit it

  • Johannes Lundberg 3 months ago

    That’s a neat design, having the minecart go in a circle. Thanks again for great content!

  • Robbe Van Santvliet 3 months ago

    Hey Pixl! I didn’t really enjoy minecraft anymore, because I played it too much.. I stumbled across your videos a month ago and now I’m getting into minecraft with the new updates thanks to you! Thanks.

  • Vennila J 3 months ago

    You check now the villager can or can’t to
    backup their trade?

  • Kev Col 3 months ago

    10:46 That air-balloon-view is awesome

  • Mahmoud 3 months ago

    Seeing contraptions like this makes me depressed that i don’t know anything about redstone ;-;

  • Hasanli Turan 3 months ago

    The new problem arrived though, the zombie pigman keeps attacking me. Switched difficulty to peaceful to despawn all of them, but when i switch back they keep attacking again. And also they spawn very close to the player, died 3 times already in my blaze farm.

  • jabber wakey 3 months ago

    his taste in music is sick af

  • CrazedBlade 3 months ago

    Jst beat my first dragon and got my first Elytra yesterday because of this series solely…

  • Luke Hankins 3 months ago

    Did your iron farm break in the 1.14 update? Because i used the same design and mine is not working anymore.

  • Gamer Abhi 3 months ago

    2:56 whats that on the top right corner of the screen

  • Cameron Davis 3 months ago

    I loved your One Chunk builds. Do you still plan on making anymore in the future?

  • Hayden Barnardo 3 months ago

    Can’t we just use a minecart with hopper instead of minecart with chest and hoppers to fill up the smokers

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