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Today we play Modded Minecraft Hunger Games with


Minecraft video



  • savagebandit gaming 10 months ago

    Its not tilted towers theres no meteor

  • Y Wang 10 months ago


  • incrediblysour 10 months ago

    So PUBG at tilted towers

  • Banger People 10 months ago

    Hey jeome why don’t you use the misses from missilery was because it is the battle bus

  • TheSwagBanana 11 10 months ago

    Wooaahhh, there is vehicles in fortniteee!!!!!!

    Oh wait…

  • Jason Fiedler 10 months ago


  • Keith Calacday 10 months ago

    You need the archimedes mod in this or use the other planes in the mod

  • dallas S 10 months ago

    Jerome I got a good nacho recipe for you to try

  • Darius Chambers 10 months ago

    play more ples

  • Salty Banana 10 months ago

    Bens an addict

  • Brody Hickman 10 months ago

    16:25 Jerome searches up ‘ew’ and a subway sign pops up XD

  • MrQuackerJacks Jr. 10 months ago

    Jerome in the future if you have time try and play my map when I am done I made a Fortnite: Save the world mod. I will send a link in the future

  • Josh Mac 10 months ago


  • UndeadSlayer708 10 months ago

    what kind of mods did they use?

  • Gylan Viray 10 months ago

    wadu hek?

  • Gylan Viray 10 months ago


  • Ariane Michael Rivera 10 months ago

    Just make like survuvive a whole 3 night I guess but all of you guys together

  • Benedict Llarena 10 months ago

    Can you take out decimation mod and just use tech guns mod? Pls

  • etizel 99 10 months ago

    Fortnite with vehicles where i have heard that oh PUBG

  • bacca juniur 10 months ago

    wheres fear the crafting dead 2

  • thenightmare Beast 10 months ago

    Jerome got canned suicune

  • Crimson Mario 10 months ago

    Agghhhhhhhccf pickles

  • Clayton Crumbley 10 months ago

    When is Jerome going to keep going with crafting dead season 2

  • Jamaire Joseph 10 months ago


  • Hoopa Games 10 months ago

    Good vid

  • Yo Boy' Burgers 10 months ago

    i got clickbaited

  • Unknown Kid 10 months ago

    This is more pugg

  • Unknown Kid 10 months ago


  • Deividas LTU 10 months ago

    Alex you said you want a mod where you can build like in fortnite well i think ssundees friends who are good with command blocks nicovald brozziest… they recently made that possible with command blocks and its on ssundees channel the murder minigame.

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