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Minecraft video

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  • Psychotic Doom-HD Videos 5 years ago

    They grow at the exact same rate?

  • Wifi Is Love Wifi Is Life 5 years ago

    wich texture pack are you using??

  • ThatAussieGamingGuy 5 years ago

    After finishing the recording for this island as well, I’m kinda angry at
    myself that I didn’t do it similar! Aghhh lol ?

  • Noticed 5 years ago

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  • RobitRadio 5 years ago

    u missed diamond near lava?

  • Alex Metcalfe 5 years ago

    Plus, if there are loads of creepers bait them into the water because then
    they don’t do any damage to you or land when they explode?

  • Silent_Spooks 5 years ago

    hint hint…. stop mineing the dimaonds, get to the point where you have
    enough daimonds to make your enchament table and a one pic axe and hope ya
    get foutne then go get the diamonds you uncovered. ?

  • Nadeshot Plays 5 years ago
  • Henk Oetlul 5 years ago

    You missed some diamons (15:30)

    Near the lava?

  • Gary Piserchia 5 years ago

    sugar cane grows equally fast on dirt and sand?

  • Nigel Thornberry 5 years ago

    Nade, if you hold down the right mouse button with a sword, you block,
    which reduces damage by half making creepers a joke.?

  • PowifyMLG 5 years ago

    15:30 diamonds?

  • yobye2owned 5 years ago

    You missed some diamonds by lava at 15:35?

  • Cisco Paredes 5 years ago

    Anybody else see the troll face in the back at 21:01 ?

  • El Toro 5 years ago


  • XBL GamingHD 5 years ago

    I think he nearly said how to minecraft at the start?

  • TheDiehardforlife 5 years ago

    To help the cows grow you need grass on the dirt blocks. So you need to
    connect the dirt blocks to dirt blocks with grass on them so grass will
    spread. ?

  • Jesus 5 years ago

    Put your diamonds in the lava it keeps it safe from mobs chests can be
    hacked by endermen and they swallow your stuff and use it like so he can

  • Asa Brock 5 years ago

    Please fix the ladder, it irritates me.

    Thank you, love the series Matt. ?

  • ???? ??????? 5 years ago

    oak = apples?