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Minecraft video

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  • Aaron Randall 5 years ago

    Make a fishing pole! lol?

  • Silent_Spooks 5 years ago

    Nade when your mining you not picking up certain blocks. for example when
    you are mining the iron you mine it and walk away without gettting the
    iron. you mined above and on the walls and got it but the pieces you where
    mining on the floor you were not getting?

  • Fayaaz Abdoola 5 years ago

    I don’t think he reads the comments. Many ppl told him to fish and put
    grass under the chickens but he didn’t do either. ?

  • Gengar Plays 5 years ago

    Make a fishing pole, eat brains and drink milk. IVE SEEN THESE A MILLION

  • BE Games 5 years ago

    but when you do minate?

  • floris van der werve 5 years ago

    use the zombie spawner till you get a potatoe or a carrot?

  • Mrlouis bananaman 5 years ago

    Nade can I have a reply please I was here when you had 8 views ?

  • Tyler Burton 5 years ago

    I’m gonna punch your dick if you don’t make a fishing pole

  • Nadeshot Plays 5 years ago
  • Peter Rust 5 years ago

    First person to leave comment ?

  • kavncruz 5 years ago

    Nadeshot you ended saying this will do you for episode 6 but it’s only 5?

  • JMEimagine 2.0 5 years ago


    Throw your eggs at the ground inside your chicken coop. Use seeds to breed
    them. They will grow.
    Make sure you use your wheat on cows more than bread, because cooked beef
    gains soooooo many more hearts than bread.
    Make shears (with iron) shear the sheep and make a bed!.

    (when you are getting rid of a water source, I like to use a torch instead
    of a block because it does two jobs at once.)?

  • hector mancia 5 years ago

    Instead of cole for the furnaces you can use wood so you have more torches :D good luck keep up the good work.?

  • Jake Belcher 5 years ago

    Imagine if Nadeshot knew how to play Minecraft…?

  • Lefty Hyzer 5 years ago

    #1. Eat zombie brains the drink milk. Boom no more worrying about food.
    #2. Kill all the zombies that come out at night for their bones. Bones=bone
    meal=wheat=cow sex=leather=books=bookshelves=enchantments
    #3 use diamonds for pick axe and make a portal for XP and glow stone
    #4 grass under chickens so they grow.
    We’ll talk again soon @nadeshot?

  • Marcus L. 5 years ago

    Make a goddamn fishing pole. Food > mining > making a house?

  • MrFife18 5 years ago

    Need that Island seed haha?

  • mr_Sabne _999 5 years ago

    use the zombie spawner to get zombie brains to eat til it gives you a
    potato or a carrot?

  • Clutchy YT 5 years ago

    If you eat de zombie brains you have to drink milk because you can’t get
    poisened then?

  • Matt Crafts 5 years ago

    make a shear with iron and shear the sheep for a bed?