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Today we play You Cant Touch The Floor The Floor


Minecraft video



  • Jalen Wilson 9 months ago

    BENN WHYYYYY???!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?

  • The Fire King 9 months ago

    Map: Don’t break the map!
    Jerome: *breaks the map thirty seconds later*

  • Samuel Wagner 9 months ago

    does anyone notice he is not in adventure mode anymore since the server restart?

  • Earth Destroyer 9 months ago

    Hey Jerome, love your vids. Can u do more parkour videos with the Nice Posture Crew

  • Paul Chen 9 months ago

    He is not preston good at parkour

  • Splendid Squid 9 months ago

    I’m 24 mins in and I think he should add a death counter next time he does a map like this

  • Woofypoofy 9 months ago

    I was watching black panther so i missed the stream

  • Jaiden Garipoli 9 months ago


  • Dragonclaw*1 9 months ago

    Black panther is two and a half hours of the real ugandan accent

  • Darian Farrel 9 months ago

    your supose to be in gamemode 2

  • little unicorn cat 9 months ago

    If you do this at home, like!

  • toby schlueter 9 months ago

    I proud of jerome keep up the great vids

  • uganda knucles do you know da wea 9 months ago

    Rip headphone user every full volume ohhh budy

  • Peyton Spain 9 months ago

    2:00 (slow claps)

  • iceboy uno 9 months ago

    I had school yesterday

  • Gamer Chris313 9 months ago


  • Gordon Watson 9 months ago

    hay make a video of u and the gang playing the floor is lava in real life

  • XLEGENDBIRDMANX 9 months ago

    Play just jump again

  • Nate Morelock 9 months ago

    I saw black panther on sunday

  • Hannah Gabriel 9 months ago

    people are telling jerome about how fun their day was and how they went sledding. Do you know what I did? I spent 6 hours in driving school…straight….OVER MY WHOLE VACATION!! If I fail my permit test I will not be a happy bacca.

  • John Doucette 9 months ago

    Jerome please bring back the bej n bac Olympics

  • Keegan 06247 9 months ago

    Have the whole nice posture crew try this

  • Kulbir Singh 9 months ago

    Oh budddddddddyyyyyy

  • dawn ferrera 9 months ago

    Do another one!

  • Shelbey Antone 9 months ago

    can you do a minecraft assassians creed with bajin caniadian

  • Jasmine Reyes 9 months ago

    I just wanted to say I watched black panther in 3d and it was awesome but I am a little baby so at some parts in the movie I took off my 3d glasses :(

  • stephanie Plechas 9 months ago


  • Ezra Blasko 9 months ago

    Good job Jerome. You broke it already

  • Frank Smith 9 months ago

    What a cheater no more parkour

  • Coolshot 150 9 months ago


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